Red Lines

About Us

Red Lines is a campaign run by Labour councillors to stand up for Londoners against damaging Tory government cuts. We are coming together from across the capital to speak out against the government's short-sighted austerity and to protect the vital public services on which Londoners rely.

Since being established in 2015, Red Lines has campaigned on important issues facing London - 

  • Mind the Gap - independent research commissioned by Red Lines warned of the funding gap facing vital services for older people and those with care needs.  

  • Opposing Tory Cuts - as councils across London are forced to make difficult choices on services, Labour councillors stood together against Tory cuts. 

  • Saying "No" to the Tory Tenant Tax - Labour councillors stood together to oppose, and defeat, the unfair Tory Tenant Tax, which would have seen some people living in council homes forced to pay an extra 15% in tax.